Some days leave me questioning my understanding of the process in which a project is supposed to progress. When the communication lines get tangled, project areas quickly become susceptible to confusion, headache, and lost time. I understand the separation of duties between different teams (Engineering, QA, UX/UI, etc) must be maintained, but in order to work efficiently there must be a certain level of co-existence. A relationship of sort with clear communication and respect for one another.

Think to yourself what it would be like if you had a baseball team in which the infielders practice on Mondays and Wednesdays and the outfielders practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the whole team coming together to practice on Friday. Yes I understand this may not be the best analogy but I’m going with it. First off, this scenario would not foster teamwork. The outcome of Saturday’s game would most likely not be favorable. Also, the disconnect would make it extremely difficult to progress together as a team. When the players are on the field at the same time, either during a Friday practice or Saturday game, they will most likely spend valuable time filling each other in on plays covered earlier in the week instead of reading one another and performing as one.