Winter time is here, the cold weather is creeping in and I am taking it all in. I really love the warm weather, being outside and all, but there is a special warmth that comes with the holidays and winter time. I sit here in my home this evening and reflect on the things of winter I like so much. To paint a novice painting of this moment…

  • feet up
  • sweats and hoodie
  • fire in fireplace
  • => watch Elf (check)
  • => watch Grinch Stole Christmas (watching)
  • consume Winter Sampler pack (in-progress)

This is not a typical night but I’ve earned this time to relax and decompress. Work has been more challenging recently and I’m beating my head against a wall trying to overcome some problems in my code that do not seem complex yet are not making any sense. Imagine having a banana you couldn’t pull the peel back on. frustrating

I just successfully completed a Java project for my programming class I am currently in. I got obsessive about it and put in a decent amount of time on it. In the end the time committed paid off as I received the highest mark in each grading criterion on my first submission.

So… back to this winter thing.

Some things I have started to realize being a father and a husband is that the spark in winter time is back and the holidays, specifically Christmas, have excitement again. Only now there is this awesome feeling I get thinking about making this time of year great for my family.

  • I look forward to getting the decorations out early.
  • I am joyful thinking about fulfilling my child’s wishes for gifts
  • I am already enjoying listening to Christmas tunes

It makes me remember how as a kid this time of year seemed so magical, so wonderful. It brings me back to the cold nights I remember spending at my grandparents house. I can still see the large-bulb Christmas lights around their house. It is clear to me now that I have two little kids of my own. Nash is too fresh in the world to show his excitement but Knox lights up at any mention of the festivities.
It may be cold outside, the weather may be crummy here and there, but as Pete The Cat would say

“It’s all good” -Pete The Cat

I’m gonna indulge in the comfort treats of winter and possibly gain a few pounds, I’m gonna ‘sample’ the wonderful winter beer selection, responsibly sip some bourbon and reconnect to Kentucky roots, jam to Christmas tunes, inform everyone I am NOT getting them gifts because at the top of my list is my wife and my two boys and putting a perfect finish on 2014 for them…